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Sam Smith

By now, you must have heard of him because Sam Smith has been everywhere. Especially his hit song, ‘Stay With Me’ and his feature on Disclosure’s song ‘Latch’.

With his debut album ‘In The Lonely Hour’ just released, its expected that Sam will be chart topping for a while longer.


Healthy Choices During Ramadan

For 30 days Muslims around the world will be fasting for Ramadan, a holy month dedicated to abstaining from food, water and vices from sunrise to sunset.

And with the holy month landing during hot summer, its imperative that those fasting focus on hydration and energy packed foods during the hours they can eat such as fruits, vegetables along with nuts and oats for protein and fiber.

BuzzFeed posted a great list of 27 Foods to Eat at Suhoor That Release Energy Throughout the Day During Ramadan that listed smoothies and meals that are easy to make ahead of time that can be consumed during suhoor (the early breakfast before sunrise).

Here are some of examples from the list that I’m looking forward to making this month.

1.A colourful stack of Greek yogurt, oats, chia seeds and mixed berries.



2. Eggs, feta and spinach wrapped in a whole grain tortilla.



3. Fill freezer bags with your favourite smoothie ingredients so that they’re easy to grab and make early in the morning.




If you’re fasting this month, hope it’s smooth and fulfilling for you. Let me know if you try any of the ideas listed and how it helped.


Don’t Wait – Mapei

Her voice. The lyrics. This is the kind of song that lingers with you all day.

Mapei is a Swedish-American singer with an album expected to come out in September. This song came out last October 2013 and has generated a lot of buzz.

Hoping to hear more from her.



’90s Fashion Is Vintage Now?

Every now and then I get a cold reminder of just how old I am. Its been 10 years since I graduated university and I remember watching movies on beta max as a kid.

But how have I lived long enough to see the clothes I wore in high school make a come back? I know no idea is original anymore, especially in world of fashion but how can there be such a shortage of innovation that I’m seeing clothes back that I only just threw out??

As of last summer, I’ve seen certain pieces slowly make a resurgence on runways and on the streets. Pieces I know I once owned and rock proudly in middle and high school.

1. Crop Tops:



Just when I thought I could take a break from sit ups and crunches, crop tops made a huge return last summer. I’ve lost count of how many I’ve bought, only to lament that I had piles of them in high school. If someone had just warned me, I’d have held on to them knowing that they’d be so popular now. No matter your chest size, there is a top out there that fits. Whether tight fitted, loose at the bottom, with sleeves or cap sleeved the variety has definitely improved this time around.

2. Overalls



I can’t cosign this comeback. When I was younger and more hip-less, baggy overalls looked cute. Now in my thirties with a grown woman figure, this look will just appear sloppy. If you’re longer, lean and slender maybe the boyish/androgynous look can work because loose fitted clothing actually looks loose. But even the tighter fitted overalls don’t remotely look fashionable to me. This should’ve stayed in the ’90s.

3. Chokers



I remember seeing a choker on Brenda in Beverly Hills 90210 for the first time. Then Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It was inexpensive and often was Gothic inspired with black cloth or velvet. Now its more on the glamour side with plated gold, bronze and platinum. Until my bank account can sustain this come back, I’ll just fondly remember my fav shows and the characters that wore it.

4. Bucket hats


Now this is a trend I can get behind. From when LL Cool J stepped on the scene rocking a furry Kangol bucket hat, these head pieces have been part of the hip hop look. Perfect for the summer heat, these hats are now appearing on women too and ranging in colours, patterns and materials. I wish I still had my Ralph Lauren one to rock this summer.

6. Grunge/Flannel


When grunge music out of Seattle, Washington emerged on the scene in 1993, so did the flannel/grunge look. I remember going to Black Market Vintage on Queen St to buy oversized flannel shirts just to tie around my waist. And sure enough now I see young girls on Queen St and around the way rocking the same look.

Is there a ’90s trend you’ve seen that I didn’t mention? Are you proudly re-rocking any of these looks?

The Beautiful Game

Soccer is the largest played sport in the world and ever since I could remember, I’ve watched soccer games on Saturday mornings as much as I watched weekend morning cartoons.

And every four years the globe unites to watch 32 nations fight for the title, best in the world. This World Cup has been dramatic as any other with returning champs Spain already sent home and soccer juggernauts England eliminated without scoring a single goal.

This grand stage is where underdogs can shine and surprise us all. Analysts and commentators may have their rankings and predictions, but it can all change in the 90 minutes when two teams collide on the field.

European teams that have stepped up are France, Belgium and Netherlands. France hasn’t shown any signs of hope since 1998, Netherlands have been disappointing for years and Belgium has found a golden ticket with their new striker Lukaku. Leading up to next weeks sudden death games, these teams have shown no mercy as they clamor for the Cup.

My heart was rooting for all and any African team to at least make it to the semi finals. The biggest disappointment has been Cameroon who spent more energy fighting amongst themselves. Cote Divoire and Ghana both need wins in the next few days to get through. Nigeria can just get a tie to get by but against legendary Argentina, it won’t be easy.

Central and South America have been the most entertaining games to watch. Costa Rica, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Argentina play with such splendor that its mesmerizing. There’s a reason the Brazil team is dubbed ‘Samba Boys’ as their footwork resembles the exciting dance style. Analysts have it that the final games may turn out to be mostly Central and South American teams. Whether that’s true or not, it’ll be exhilarating to watch them race to the finals.

Who are you rooting for?