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I will own my biases here and say it proudly that the best music comes out of the continent where it originated, Africa. There isn’t a modern musical sound that can’t trace its origin to Africa.

Although hard to find in the mainstream here in Canada, there are some great music coming from African pop and hip hop artists. I follow OkayPlayer’s Africa account on Twitter, OkayAfrica and they recently posted a duo from Angola called Tchobari. The duo is made of of rapper Sarissari and beatmaker Tchoboly. And wow!

The lyrics are in Portuguese but nonetheless, when the ‘music hits you, you feel no pain’ as Bob would say. The beats are dance party worthy, the rhythm is catchy and hip-swaying fun.

Favourite songs thus far are Ta Bonito and Quem Mandou Me Nascer 

Found one of their earlier tracks from 2012, È Male.

Instagram Got Me Inspired

My favourite part of any fashion magazine isn’t the pictures from the runways, but when they snap pictures of street styles. Everyday people showing their creative expression with clothes that I could probably find at the mall or my local vintage depot.

And as readers, we’ve evolved from being print dependent to digital and our fashion inspiration has similarly moved from magazines to blogs and apps like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. I can and do spend hours scrolling through these apps looking outfits, accessories, street fashion, hair and makeup.

The taste-makers are no longer just the Anna Wintours and Andre Leon Talleys of the world, but the around the way girls who are shapely, have large hair and proudly pull together outfits that merge the runway and the street.

Here is a list of some of my favourite fashionistas that I follow on Instagram for inspiration. This is just a short list, there are so many and I’ll keep doing different spotlights/posts on new ones in the future.


Nadia Aboulhosn is probably my favourite personality on Instagram. From her fierce outfits, killer eyebrow game and hilarious videos of her getting silly ratchet to whatever hip hop song is in at the moment, Nadia is not shy to show her authentic self online. Which explains why her loyal followers feel so connected to her that when she holds meet and greets, they come out and support in packs. She seems like that cool friend who is self-aware, funny and can pull an ill outfit together within 5 seconds of walking into a store.


Fashion Climaxx is a community blog where members post pics of their looks and/or fashion finds. True definition of ‘for the people by the people’. Founder Elizabeth Marte also includes celeb looks with info on labels and trends. Contributors are from all over the world so its cool to see what people in different cities with different cultural inspirations are rocking.


Cotton and Ankara, speaking of cultural influence, is a page that highlights fashion fusion of African and Western styles. Merging the ankara material that is common in West Africa along with everyday street fashion, this page does a great job showcasing the beauty when blending two worlds. They don’t have a site yet but you can find them at CottonAndAnkara on Instagram.


Franceta Johnson has a killer style and the editorial-esque pictures on her blog will have you entranced. Don’t let her young age fool you, the 23 year old design student has such poise and mature taste in her style. It was through this blog that I started pairing more of my edgy jackets and accessories with my feminine dresses.


WhoWhatWear is as their site says ‘the leading online platform for premium and original style and shopping content’. I can get lost for hours on their site looking at the latest fashion, new trends and advice on shopping. Great style doesn’t need to break the bank. It is all about knowing your body and finding pieces that best accentuate your features. WhoWhatWear showcases looks that are accessible, on trend and versatile for any woman.

Find me on Instagram as RealDelina and see who else I follow. Is there anyone on Instagram that inspires you?

Naomi Still Got It

After 20 years in the fashion industry, supermodel Naomi Campbell, 44, still reigns. Look past all her anger issue dramas and various celeb boyfriends, Naomi is still a model major fashion houses covet for their runways and ad campaigns.

So no surprise that she recently has appeared in two large ad campaigns that prove her legacy.

Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2015 campaign featured both Naomi and model Jourdan Dunn, 24, who is also Black and British. By having the veteran supermodel Naomi paired up with the young Jourdan, Burberry launched a vibrant campaign that pulls in both a young and mature clientele. This duality speaks to Naomi’s staying power and Jourdan’s clout in the industry.



Shortly after, luxury lingerie line Agent Provocateur chose Naomi as the face for their Spring/Summer 2015 campaign, which went for a femme fatale look. The campaign was inspired by David Lynch’s The Lost Highway and Brian de Palma’s murderous thriller Body Double. In a superficial industry that doesn’t know what to do with women over 40, its great to see Naomi not only still looking fabulous at 44 but scoring great campaigns over many young faces.



Slay Naomi. Slay!

Liven Up With Lemons

Just like adding a colourful accessory to brighten up your outfit or how the sun’s appearance can warm up any dreary day, adding a bit of colour to your diet can improve your health.

Lemons are one those foods with so many benefits that you should start your day with it. From vitamins, alkaline power, fiber and acting as a detoxifier lemons positively impact almost all areas of your health.


Here are some benefits –

1) Once your body metabolizes the lemon, it becomes alkaline helping balance your pH level. This is important in overall health and immune strengthening.

2) Release toxins. Warm water with lemon helps with digestion by stimulating the muscles within the intestinal walls. The vitamins found within lemons also loosen the toxins found in the digestive tract. Definitely the best drink to start your day off with and flush out any toxins your body spent the night clearing out.

3) Natural immune booster. Better than any antibiotic or pill, lemons contain vitamin C and potassium. Potassium motivates brain and nerve function while controlling blood pressure. And especially needed during this winter season, vitamin C is a great tool to fight colds.

4) The vitamin C found in lemons also helps clear skin. By detoxifying the blood stream, lemons help get rid of blemishes from the inside out.

So before you reach for that cup of hot coffee or tea in the morning, try a hot cup of water with lemon to kick start a healthy day.