Oscars 2015

This year’s Oscars awards already had two things stacked up against it that made me uninterested – Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t hosting and the very obvious snub by the Hollywood Foreign Press of the film Selma.

Overall Neil Patrick Harris’ attempt at hosting were mild. Luke warm at best. The show ran too long and his jokes fell two football fields short of humorous. The whole singing and dancing doesn’t do anything for me. This isn’t the Tony’s so I’m not impressed by his ability to hold a note.

I’ll leave the play by play break down of speeches, who sat next to whom and who left with hardware to the upteen other sites that all posted on the Oscars minutes after the show was over last night. I Tweeted through the whole show and by the time the handsome Inarritu took the last award for the night, this old lady was spent. And let’s be honest, I’m really only here for the fashion. So without further ado, here are choices for best and worst dressed.

Worst Dressed

Kiera Knightley: She has to be doing this on purpose. She has to be intentionally finding the most hideous dresses to wear to red carpets, because no sane stylist is finding these dresses and thinking ‘yes, this would look so incredibly hot on Kiera.’ Nope. Somehow Valentino made this dress and we all had to look at it.


Lady Gaga: The gloves. I want to blame Amal Alamudin for doing this. For having Gaga think that she can do formal wear gloves but somehow misconstrued the concept all together and showed up with dish washing gloves. The Azzedine Alaia dress is gorgeous, although I think that cut is too boxy for most women to wear. I’m sure it looked great on the stick figure who wore it down the runway. Thankfully Gaga can sing and redeemed herself with a powerful performance of the Sound of Music’s full soundtrack. Even Maria, the sweeter than sugar Julie Andrews, had to give Gaga her props.


Sienna Miller: Bows on dresses remind me of tulle dresses I was forced to wear as a little girl, so when I see them now I cringe. This dress was just all kinds of confusion. From the three tiered bows to the sheerness from the knees down. Despite the dress being from the late great Oscar De La Renta, I think its just my personal disdain of bows that has this dress on the worst list.


Gwenyth Paltrow: I read the best description of Gwyneth’s look on Twitter last night. Someone described her as looking like ‘a pretentious stick of gum.’ I howled!! A bit too catty for my taste but following my last rant on bows, I also have a disdain for big flower pieces. Shall I take you back to Paula Patton’s disastrous dress at the Golden Globes last year? The big flowers on the shoulder are unnecessary. This isn’t the circus, enough with the pointless distractions.


Now, on to the real winners of the night.

Best Dressed

Lupita Nyong’o: Don’t even try to act surprised. My girl Lupi (yup, we’re on a nickname basis now) showed up and showed out last night. The thing with Lupi that has me mesmerized is the way she walks with her shoulders back and head high. Even when she wore the technicolour dream coat at the Globes this year, and I wasn’t that impressed, she rocked it with such confidence she made us admire her even more. Tweeting that she felt like a princess before she got on the red carpet, Lupi was just that – fashion royalty. Wearing a Calvin Klein dress that was rumoured to have been made up of over 6,000 white pearls, Lupi was the perfect embodiment of Prince’s song ‘Diamond and Pearls.’



Scarlett Johansson: Although this isn’t a dress that I’d necessarily be brave enough to wear, I like the cut of it and the way it suits Scarlett. She has a certain look and she’s always done the bombshell thing, so this edgy style is a refreshing change. I don’t like chokers however this necklace highlights the plunging neckline tastefully. The dress is Atelier Versace.


Reese Witherspoon: Call it safe, boring or predictable but this ensemble is elegance. So simple you could mistakenly take it as too casual for red carpet. But there is a purposefulness in the way its cut that it sits on Reese perfectly. You can never go wrong with black and white simplicity in a gown. For example Julia Robert’s Valentino dress when she won for Erin Brockovich. Understated but memorable. Well done Elle!


Jennifer Lopez: Mija, Jenny from the block is probably one of the most anticipated celebrities on any red carpet lately so she was obviously going to have a spot on my coveted Best Dressed list. Ever since that sheer Versace dress she wore to the Grammys as a presenter and made David Duchovny’s jaw drop mid sentence, JLo has been wowing us ever since with her flawless skin, picture perfect hair and show stopping gowns. Albeit, this isn’t as risky or daring and borders on the conventional, I found the dress breathtaking. The all around bronze look was noted by some to wash her out, but to me maybe because I’m drowning in snow and endless days of no sunshine right now, I quite liked seeing the sun kissed look on her. This time, straying from her usual Zuhair Murad, she shined in Ellie Saab.


Zoe Saldana: What a comeback! I have not been a fan of Zoe on any red carpet in ages but maybe it was just giving birth to twins causing her finally fill out a dress that has me applauding her. She looked gorgeous in Atelier Versace. The nude hue and pulled back hair gave her an effortless look that we all know took hours. Lesson learned, when a skinny girl has a baby she fills out and looks normal sized, however when us normal women have babies…..anywho, congrats Zoe. Welcome to the best dressed side.


Honourable mention goes to these men:

David Oyelowo: the morale of the story here is confidence. It doesn’t matter what you wear, honestly, it’s how you wear it. They’re going to talk. Trust me, I’m going to comment on it regardless but when someone wears whatever they want with boldness, it’s attractive. David Oyelowo is the perfect example of this. This whole ensemble is daring and powerful. A change from the usual black tux, David went for a striking red. The suit is by Dolce & Gabanna.


Jared Leto: I can’t say that I liked this suit, because I was distracted by the hair. As soon as he came on stage I Tweeted that I wanted to deep condition his hair. It looked like it lacked nourishment. However, the 43 years old actor looked dapper in the Givenchy custom suit nonetheless. I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Jordan Catalano.


Were there any looks that stood out to you last night that I missed? Any choices you disagree with?

4 thoughts on “Oscars 2015

  1. Samantha

    THANK YOU for putting Scarlett on your best dressed! So many people hated on it but honestly, it was different and bold and she has the confidence and hot body to carry it off! David and Jared were tied as #1 best dressed in my eyes. Like….I need a powder blue and masala suit in my life! Zoe Saldana was my fav fav fav she looked marvelous and sooo cute with her hubby and his amazing hair on the red carpet. Reese looked great but her dress was totally boring. I mean this is the Oscars. How come Emma Stone or Jennifer Hudson are not on your list!? I know you hated Keira but actually I thought she looked nice 🙂 i’m luke warm about lupita, i mean she herself looked great but i can’t say i’m crazy about the dress. the back of my lover marion cotillard’s dress belongs on best dressed! jlo looked ravishing as always but it’s almost as if, she looks so damn good all day everyday that there is no more excitement to seeing her on the red carpet!

    naomi watts needs to be on your worst dressed list. the oscars is not the time or place to wear a bandeau cut out dress

    1. Real Delina Post author

      So right about Scarlett, it might not be what you and I would wear but you have to give her credit for rocking it so confidently and the dress hugged her exquisitely. I am so glad we are finally able to agree on Zoe.You have appreciated her style for so long, and I finally like something she wore. JHud was boring, she looked great but not wow enough to make the cut. I didn’t enjoy the colour on Emma Stone’s bedazzled number. It was a beautiful dress but it reminded me of pea soup. Naomi was sooooo close to making the worst dressed list but Keira ‘I Can’t Stop Pouting’ took the spot. Marion Cotillard disappointed me so much. She wore a fancy garbage bag. I didn’t even want it on the blog.

  2. Chinedu E.

    Love David Oyelowo as a choice for Best Dressed. His D&G Burgundy Tux with Red Vest was a bold move. The cut of the jacket is exquisite. As for Jared Leto, I like the unique design of the shawl lapel on his jacket, however the cut of the pants leave a lot to be desired. You’ll notice that they give a bit of a frumpy aesthetic. Not that one need to leer at a man’s crotch, but in this case, the measurement of the rise seems to have been taken too large, making the pants baggy in the front. It makes the pants look sloppy, thus taking away from the outfit.

    I do think that Eddie Redmayne’s Alexander McQueen Tux needs a shout out – it was beautiful in it’s look and cut to perfection.

    1. Real Delina Post author

      Great point. Eddie Redmayne’s tux was on point. That should’ve made the list. Now that you’ve pointed out the frumpy look with Jared’s pants, I see what you mean. In comparison with David and Eddie’s I see how a well cut suit makes a difference in the overall look.


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