Have you ever come across a song that you hear once and it clings to you for days? While creeping late night on Instagram (save your judgement. You know you do it too), I saw a video of singer Abir doing an acoustic version her song BCKN4TH and I think I replayed it three times that night. It wasn’t the visuals that pulled me but her voice and the simplicity of the melody that caught me. For the next few days I found myself singing or humming the song.

Check out her song BCKN4TH and enjoy. Seems like her EP ‘White Walls’ is coming out soon. I know I’ll be looking out for it.

2 thoughts on “ABIR – BCKN4TH

  1. Samantha

    She does have a really beautiful voice….clearly talented. It hasn’t drawn me in on the first listen but you know how it is!


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