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For some, their self confidence is connected to having a good hair day. My battle with my hair is never ending so I’ve learned to never rely on ‘her’ for my self-esteem. My skin however is where my confidence can be heightened or shattered. Nothing more annoying that waking up to an un-welcomed zit, and most likely on an important day.

So I’ve been looking into healthy and natural remedies for skin care, in my attempt to move away from drugstore solutions that have harsh ingredients. It takes a bit of experimentation and a lot of questions for the workers at Healthy Planet.

Thus far Rose Hip oil has worked for me. I’m using it as a light moisturizer after my cleanser. It’s been great clearing up scars from previous acne and the hyper pigmentation resulting from it. Rose oil has fatty acids that help the skin cells absorb and retain moisture. This gives the skin a smooth and hydrated glow, as well as combating the appearance of fine lines.

This is the brand I use.

This is the brand I use.

Here is a list of other natural oils that have been known to help with skin care. Ask questions before trying anything out and do skin tests before going all out with any new products.

Algae/Kelp Extract

Algae and kelp are full of nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and calcium. They are also full of collagen-building zinc and alleviate puffiness. By applying a seaweed face mask once a week, you can give your skin a clarifying boost.

Green Coffee Extract

With ten times the antioxidant power than green tea, green, unroasted, cold-pressed coffee beans contains the right amount of acids to fight free radicals. These antioxidants also heal scar tissue and promote rapid cell regeneration. Keep an eye out for green coffee as an extract in serums to help combat the signs of aging and dullness in the skin.


Turmeric, more than just a great spice to add to your cooking, is a great anti-inflammatory agent. The orange pigment in tumeric is called curcumin and acts as a melanin production inhibitor directly treating skin damage from acne scars and/or hyper pigmentation. I use a dash of tumeric powder in a homemade mask of egg yolk and honey. Leave it on until it dries and take it off with a warm cloth. Proving to me again that the key to our health can be found in our kitchens first before a drug store.

Do you have any skin care issues and what are you doing to remedy them?

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