Amy Winehouse Documentary

It was 2008 and Amy Winehouse had just won five Grammy awards for her second album ‘Back To Black’. With her wing tipped eyes, beehive hair and tattoos Amy looked like a deer in headlights when she realized she had won Record Of The Year.

The realization that she had just become a big deal, wasn’t what Amy was expecting that night. As revealed in the upcoming documentary, ‘Amy’, she hadn’t planned on becoming a star and would ‘probably go mad’ if she became famous. It was only three years after that Grammy night that she would pass away from alcohol poisoning.

There is an eerie feeling watching the trailer as we’re shown old photos and videos of Amy, with her haunting voice in the background singing ‘Back To Black.’ I hope the film does justice to Amy’s legacy as an entertainer but more so as a human, flaws and all.

The documentary by Asif Kapadia is expected to be released in the UK this July. There is no North American release date as of yet.

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