‘Another Round’ Podcast

For some time I’ve had friends tell me about various podcasts that they’re hooked on. They’ve sent me links, snippets and endless emails detailing the stories and/or jokes I was missing out on. Curiosity got the cat so I started checking out various shows.

Some were dramatic stories that had me on the edge of my seat like ‘Serial‘, which is an investigative look at a crime story hosted by Sarah Koenig. For many who weren’t entrenched in the world of podcasts, ‘Serial’ was that show that got us hooked.

However one show has me now excitedly waiting for each episode and gleefully tuning in every time. ‘Another Round‘ featuring BuzzFeed reporters Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton is pure hilarity and fantastic wit. Since both ladies are writers, they don’t shy away from speaking eloquently on current issues impacting Black culture, feminism, mental health and pop culture to name a few. And Tracy’s ‘Joke Time’ might be corny, but it never fails in making me laugh.

Although I am perfectly fine with listening to these awesome ladies for their show, they’ve had some amazing guests on who always have great food for thought. For example, they recently interviewed Roxane Gay who is a writer, professor, editor, blogger, and commentator. After tuning in, I researched her further and found her book Bad Feminist. Excited to delve deeper into it, but definitely enjoying it thus far.

So whether you’re an avid podcast listener, a newbie or haven’t tuned in before, ‘Another Round’ is a dope show to check out. Humour, critical thinking, insight and more humour.

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