Awesome Quotes From Amy Poehler

As usual, one insomniac driven night I was pulled into the vortex that is BuzzFeed. Whenever I’m too tired to coherently read a book or trying to wean myself off binge watching Netflix, BuzzFeed never fails to fill a void.

Came across this list of best quotes from comedian and author Amy Poehler. For those that live under a rock, Amy was on Saturday Night Live from 2001-2008 and is remembered for her reoccurring role in their skit ‘Weekend Update’. More recently she starred in the sitcom Parks and Recreation. She’s also hosted the 71st and 72nd Golden Globes with her friend and fellow awesome comedian Tina Fey.

Some of these quotes are from her book Yes Please that came out in October 2014.

On routinely cleaning out your life:


Best advice re self confidence:


This one really stood out to me. Self love is powerful.


Lastly,  4-7

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