Buzzfeed Vortex – 27 Texts You’d Only Get From Your Best Friend

Alright so sometimes I don’t want to read something mentally stimulating. I just want pure hilarity and/or random silliness. It can’t be all work all the time.

In comes Buzzfeed to save the day. Countless late nights where I can’t fall asleep have been saved by Buzzfeed quizzes confirming I’m meant to live in Paris and I am a board game bully. But should you get sucked into their vortex of quizzes and random articles listing most memorable quotes from favourite characters on Golden Girls and Friends while at work, don’t expect to be productive at all that day.

A girlfriend of mine sent me this amazingly hilarious article the other day from Buzzfeed that had me howling with tears streaming down my face, 27 Texts You’d Only Get From Your Best Friend.

Ok what had me laughing so hard? Because not only did these texts sound ridiculous, I can relate to them way too well. I’m blessed to have a handful of best friends – a group of really awesome honest women who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves. So necessary to maintain a level of sanity in this crazy world.

Honourable mention to these following texts from the article that had me rolling.




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