ChineduStyle – Part I

If you’ve read my previous award show review posts, you’ll remember I’ve commented on men’s fashion making a huge statement recently. Male celebrities are getting as much attention on the red carpets as the actresses, taking bolder risks with suit colour, fabric and print.

Someone who has a well informed opinion on men’s fashion is Chinedu Ezemenari (ChineduStyle) who is an independent style consultant with private label EPH Apparel, who provide quality custom made to measure suits, shirts and accessories.

I’m happy to announce that will be featuring ChineduStyle as a regular guest style expert periodically to weigh in on men’s fashion and style.

“The way that a man dresses and presents himself has a profound impact on his experiences and opportunities,” believes Chinedu. “My role as a stylist is to ensure that every man regardless of his stature or status, has the opportunity to tell their story with class, distinction and elegance.”

With Chinedu’s guidance, each customer gets to build and design their individual unique garment; from the stitching, amount of buttons, type of cuffs, etc.

January 25th marks ChineduStyle’s one year anniversary. It has been remarkable to see the the growth and reach in just a year. Stay tuned for my full video interview with Chinedu as he walks us through suit colour and fabric selection along with his fashion tips.

To see what to expect during a private suit fitting with ChineduStyle, please see the video below then contact him for an appointment.

To contact Chinedu:


2 thoughts on “ChineduStyle – Part I

  1. Samantha

    Nice nice, honestly bespoke suits are a real art form and funny how they are so popular in other parts of the world (especially in Asia) but I guess was inaccessible in places like Toronto/Canada. You should post a rough pricing guide, people won’t really be willing to explore this opportunity unless they can see it’s well worth it compared to one off the rack!


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