Drake Needs To Chill While I’m Fasting

So as I enter the last 10 days of Ramadan (a month where Muslims all over the world fast from sun up to sun down), I’m looking forward to the final stretch.

However, as I was trying my darndest to abstain from water and food during the day, Mr Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham decided to unleash a whole slew of thirst traps all over social media over the past few days. While I’m trying to practice piety, here comes Drake with his luscious beard and out-of-nowhere pecs.


There’s strength in numbers and I’ve found solace in seeing my fellow sisters all over my Twitter TL groan in agony over these pictures. Then of course my various Whatsapp groups starting blowing up with pictures as my girls all exclaimed ‘Look At This!” while sending over various screenshots of Drizzy Drake. Clearly my efforts to be good are being thwarted by this man.

Drake’s antics have also led to various think pieces on Buzzfeed and New York Magazine’s The Cut, which document his progression from being Jimmy on Degrassi to the beefcake that he has become now.


While he is on tour in the UK for the Wireless Festival, Drake swung by Wimbeldon to see his ex-girlfriend Serena Williams (who just beat Maria Sharapova for the 17th time. Get it girl!) and just like any of us about to see one of our exes, Drake was glo’d up in his OVO track suits. He has killed two birds with one stone – he’s promoting his new sweat suit line, OVO Athletics,¬† but he’s also causing so much hype leading up to the release of his latest video for the song Energy, off his latest mixtape ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’.

Knowing that no artists is great just on their own but are great because of the team they put around them, rappers often shout out their squad, producers and/or DJs. But I think when it comes to this recent metamorphosis¬† we need to shout out Drake’s barber and his personal trainer JohnnyOVO.


And honourable mention goes to one of my favourite Twitter/Instagram accounts @PostBadBeards for always coming with the most ratchet and hilarious captions.



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