Dreezy – Chicago Female Rapper

Maybe I’m looking back with rose tinted glasses, but I recall a time when there was more than one female rapper on the hip hop charts. At one point Lil Kim, Foxy, Missy Elliott and Da Brat all had hit songs out. However now, it seems that the rap game is made for only one female rapper to make it through at a time.

But possibly the tides are changing with the steady climb by Chicago female rapper Dreezy, Seandrea Sledge. Only 20 years old, Dreezy has already released a mixtape, ‘Schizo’, and worked on projects with fellow Chicago artists such as female rapper Sasha Go Hard, on her track “I Ain’t No Hitta” in 2012 and Common on his track ‘Hustle Harder’.

But what first got people’s attention is when she released a remix of Nicki Minaj and Lil Herb’s track ‘Chiraq’ only 24 hours after the original came out. Her listeners took to Twitter, tweeting that her version was better. She also shot a video for the remix that showed various landmarks and neighborhoods of Chicago, paying homage to the city.

As hard as the lyrics were in that remix, Dreezy isn’t afraid to show a more vulnerable side on her first project, the mixtape ‘Schizo’. A song that stood out to me was ‘Dreamer Pt.2’ where she reveals her fears and dreams to succeed. Rap was formed on honest poetry, and its refreshing to hear it in someone so young and a sister at that, disproving many who believe female rappers can’t lyrically compete with their male counterparts.

Looking forward to hearing more from Dreezy.


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