Embracing The Greys – Silver Hair

This style of hair colour isn’t new but with each season we see it appear on a new batch of celebrities. Silver grey hair has been seen on fictional characters such as the X-Men’s Storm, The Devil Wears Prada’s Miranda Priestly (played by Meryl Streep) and style maven Stacey London.


Storm, Miranda Priestly and Stacey London

Lately the silver greys have been popping up on younger women and maybe its the winter season and the endless snow, but the look has me intrigued. Some of the looks range from a salt and pepper look with the grey highlighted through out the hair, to a blue-ish grey tone with dark roots. Some opting to have lilac undertones with the grey while some go for a silvery fox look.

One of the first faces that I saw with the silver grey look on was Kelly Osbourne. This was even before she joined the cast of E!’s Fashion Police. She’s done many variations of the silver hair look to the point I don’t even recall her real hair colour anymore.


Another daring hair style pioneer  is Rihanna. What hair style has she not rocked? Whether the looks have been glam or not, she sports them with such confidence, you end up seeing variations of the look on different people. That’s how influential her changing looks have become.


Another trendsetter that did the grey look is Nicole Richie. From the stark silver grey to the purple tints, Nicole has tried it all. Her fashion progression as a whole is remarkable. Looking back at her Simple Life reality show days, you can’t even believe that was the same girl.


Lastly, the most recent appearance of silver grey hair on the red carpets is Orange Is The New Black‘s Dascha Polanco. Her hair has the dark roots, grey hair with the subtle pinkish/purple tips.


Not that I’m ready to do the full head of silver grey, but this might be a cheaper alternative than colouring my here-and-there specks of grey. Definitely a bold hair style that breaks away from tradition.

Have you thought of trying this? If so, how’d it look?



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