Face Cleansing with Almond Oil

After dealing with teenage acne, there is nothing more upsetting than having to deal with it again as an adult. Every now and then I’ll get a blemish on my face and it takes me back to highschool. I’ve tried countless drug store remedies and found that the products either left my skin way too oily, way too dry or uneven toned.

So I decided to look up natural and clean methods for facial cleansing. As much as I’d love to get a facial every month, I’m not rolling in the dough like that (yet..wishful thinking). While researching, I found a method called oil cleansing, which basically is using an oil as your cleanser as well as moisturizer. No heavy or harsh soap, just oil, toner and oil again.

I know what you’re thinking, ‘how can you clean your face with oil? Doesn’t that just make your skin more clogged up resulting in more acne?”, which is exactly what I though too.

But after watching an informative video from my favourite health and wellness blogger Hey Fran Hey, I started using cold pressed almond oil as my cleanser and have noticed a difference in my skin in one week already. The dryness is gone, no blemishes and the acne scars that have been around for years are visibly reducing.

As with any new habit, we’ll see how things are going in 20 plus days but so far so good.

Here are my steps:

  1. Wash my hands
  2. Put a drop of almond oil in my palms. Make sure this is cold pressed, sweet and 100% natural almond oil. You can find this at your local health store.
  3. Rub the oil all over my face.
  4. Wash my face with warm water. Then splash cold water at the end to close my pores. This traps your natural moisture and deters your face from drying out.
  5. Pat my face dry with a face cloth
  6. Put some toner on a cotton ball and apply to face. I use alcohol free witch hazel toner with aloe vera. This is also available at most health stores.
  7. Put another drop of almond oil in my palms and lightly rub over my face.
  8. Smile into the mirror!

Here are pictures of the products I use. Let me know if you’ve ever used an oil cleansing method and what you experienced.

almond oil

almond oil toner

2 thoughts on “Face Cleansing with Almond Oil

  1. Samantha Chen

    You’ve got this down to an art. Now, I have so many products I won’t be trying the almond oil thing but my comment is that, in general, whenever I use any oil on my face I love it and my face ends up feeling so great. I think when you reach a certain age and your face starts to be more dry rather than oily when you were a teen, the oil really helps keep the soft/supple skin that we miss. Great post! PS witch hazel is so great! I use a face wash that has it and it totally helps keep my skin clear from blemishes.

    1. Real Delina Post author

      That’s exactly it: the oil helps keep the skin soft and supple. We can’t defy the clock but we can help our skin restore the moisture it needs to look its best. Witch hazel and tea tree oil are great skin healers. As our hormones go up and down, witch hazel acts a balancer on our face and keeps those blemishes at bay. As always, thanks so much for reading!


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