Fall Food Detox

Great fashion, yummy pumpkin everything desserts and dark lipstick have one thing in common: Fall. But along with Fall and the drop in weather is the increased chance of getting sick and/or aggravating asthma attacks.

However by just scouring your grocer’s produce section, you can find delicious foods to prevent a Fall full of sneezing and coughing.

After a summer of drinks on the patio and backyard BBQs, the Fall is a perfect time to detox and cleanse. This can be done by not just cutting out the junk food and drinks we were lapping up during the hotter months, but by also enjoying cleaner food and drinks that help repair and strengthen our system to ward off any ailments.

A strong vegetable I keep coming across that detoxifies your liver is beets. Naturopathic doctor and nutritionist Dr. Kalanick points out that beets have betacyanin which acts as a booster for your liver, in a recent article “5 Detoxifying Foods You Might Already Have In Your Fridge” which lists common food items that can help increase your energy levels and detoxify your body.

Keeping with the theme of Fall, there is an array of seasonal foods you can take advantage of such as butternut squash, pumpkin, sweet potato and apples. With very little to no preparation you can enjoy hearty and healthy meals like butternut squash soup with ginger, which helps boots your immune and is full of fiber.

So as you enjoy the changing leaves and the great clothes you can wear now, don’t forget to take care of yourself and stock up on some hearty and healthy foods to protect your immune system this Fall season.


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