George R.R. Martin Hates Joy

No other show has ever left me so distraught once the credits roll as does Game of Thrones. Five seasons in and every finale has left me confused, heart broken and jilted. But like a predictable fiend that can’t enough, I return every Spring for the next season and set myself up for more torment.

If you don’t watch the show or read the books, then don’t expect a re-cap from me. You should be watching the show! And for those that do watch the show but haven’t watched the finale yet, this is your spoiler alert warning. Twenty four hours is the rule, after that it’s all fair game.

The show is too intricate to get into on here. It’s basically a lot of back stabbing, death, witty banter and nudity. All the right ingredients for a great show. Oh, and there’s dragons. Can’t forget the dragons.

But season five’s finale just ripped my heart apart. Ever since the last scene, I’ve been glued to fan sites, fan Tumblr pages and the author and executive producer George R.R. Martin’s Twitter timeline for hints that alleviate my worries. I should have known because since the start of the show, nothing that we thought would happen ever did. And now knowing that I have to wait a full year to find out what happens next, is next level torture.


One of the most common phrases repeated through out the book/show is all men must die (Valar Morghulis in Valyrian) and Mr. Martin recently Tweeted this out after fans besieged him with questions following the finale. Yet nothing can prepare a viewer when a loved character suddenly dies.


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