Golden Globes 2015

And here we go again! Other than my birthday, awards season is my favourite time of the year. I love seeing all the glitz and glamour on the red carpets, and the Golden Globes are the sneak peak to the Oscars.

This year there were some surprises and some tried and true winners. Men, again this year, stepped their game up and added glam to their tuxes.

Returning as hosts, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler did a fantastic job and held no punches with their jokes. As this was their last year hosting, the ladies appeared more relaxed and seemed to have more fun with the audience. My favourite joke was when they highlighted Amal Clooney’s many brave career achievements as a Human Rights lawyer then noted that it was her husband, George Clooney, receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award. Priceless!

Alamuddin is a “human rights lawyer who worked on the Enron case, an advisor to Kofi Annan on Syria and was a appointed to a three-person commission investigating rules of war violations in the Gaza strip,” Fey said. “So tonight her husband is getting a lifetime achievement award.”

Another highlight for me was seeing musicians Common and John Legend win for their song ‘Glory’ from the Selma soundtrack. If you haven’t seen this movie yet, please do. More than just the great acting, the historical storyline is very significant to current events. Common and John Legend’s speeches spoke to the greatness that is director Ava DuVernay but also the stark comparison between events in Selma and what is occurring right now in America.

But let us get into the main part of the show, the red carpet. Here are my best and worst dressed at the 2015 Golden Globes:

Worst dressed

Kiera Knightley – not sure if in her attempt to hide the obvious baby bump, but Keira looks horrible in this tablecloth-turned-dress ensemble. Nothing about it is flattering and I struggle to believe that Chanel had anything to do with this dress.


Lena Dunham – maybe her outfit choices are meant to be ironic and I’m just not getting the joke, but Lena has never worn anything to an award show that is flattering. It is as if she intentionally seeks out dresses that don’t suit her. Despite the great colour, this outfit looks like she just cut out arm holes on a starchy garbage bag.

Claire Danes – it actually feels weird to have Claire on the worst dressed list. She usually stands out on the red carpet looking polished and glamorous. But this year, she either switched stylists or she decided to dress herself and we’ve been fooled all along. This Valentino frock looked heavy with too many jewels and embroidery that it became distracting. Better luck next year Claire.


Best Dressed

Jennifer Lopez –  In one of my previous posts, I covered the amazing dynamic between designer Zuhair Murad and Jennifer Lopez. These two have rocked many red carpets together. They’ve done it again. Murad’s dresses can do no wrong and with the reigning champ of the red carpet, this was destined to be great. My good friend Samantha who is my inspiration behind following the red carpets for award shows, swears by JLo and surprisingly this year didn’t find her dress that great. A little over the top, but when does Jenny From the Block ever do anything demure? Honourable mention to model Chrissy Teigen who also wore Zuhair Murad and looked fabulous.



Kate Hudson – Versace, Versace, Versace! Kate simply wowed this year. As my good friend Samantha said, ‘if Kate was trying to make a statement, we heard her loud and clear.’ The outfit appears to be a direct resemblance to outfits that JLo has worn in the past, seeming as if Kate is gunning for JLo’s position as La Reina of the Red Carpets. Nonetheless she brought her A game this year and it was definitely noticed.

Emma Stone – I love seeing anyone take the path least traveled, whether in life or in fashion. Too often on these red carpets the young actresses try to look much older than they are by emulating their seasoned female role models. They end up looking like kids playing in mommy’s clothes. How refreshing was it to see Emma Stone pull off an elegant jumpsuit by Lanvin? Matching her offbeat sense of humour, this jumpsuit with beaded top, satin pants and flowing sash was the definition of cool. Here here, to confidently looking good Emma.


Jessica Chastain – so my friend Samantha and I disagree on this one. She didn’t like the material although I liked it. I think this dress looks great and Jessica looks stunning in it. Maybe I’m projecting myself into this image too much, because I could see myself rocking this dress. Mind you, there’d be a bit more tape and possibly other contraptions to hold things in place but a girl can dream.


In betweens:

I don’t know how to classify these next two outfits merely because I think they could’ve done better. They are both gorgeous women who have in the past worn amazing dresses but this year opted to try something different.

Amal Clooney – ever since she stepped on the scene Amal has been elegantly dressed but the gloves were too distracting for me. I’ve been watching  a lot of Downton Abbey lately, and seeing those gloves took me back to that show. The Edwardian era is over, the gloves need to go. Sidenote – I think if she had pinned her hair up, the over the shoulder sash would’ve stood out more.


Lupita Nyong’o – if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr (@RealDelina) you’ll know I jones for Lupita. Ever since the red Ralph Lauren red cape she sported last year, I’ve been singing her praises. But this year, I was left looking at the TV perplexed. She’s still stunning with flawless skin and a smile that can melt, but the dress is too boho for me. The custom Giambattista Valli couture gown in lilac which featured 3D floral appliqués is a beautifully crafted dress but looks more like a piece of art than an evening gown. Still love her but I’m hoping she’ll wow me at the Oscars.

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Let’s hear it for the boys.

Again the men came ready to stunt on the women this year. Two men that stood out to me were actors David Oyelowo and Matt Bomer. David absolutely dazzled while Matt shined in his navy blue tux.



Let me know if you had any favourites and if you agreed/disagreed with any of my choices.

4 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2015

  1. samantha

    OK i see where we agreed and where we disagreed. But in general, well done on this list! I can’t believe Keira’s dress is CHANEL!!!?? Argh. Also, great calling out Claire Danes…WHAT was she wearing and I hate that all of her accessories are then blue. She looks really awful. Lena Dunham’s shoes are so terrible – this is what makes me think she does this all on purpose. Like….really? you couldn’t find yourself a descent shoe?

    Emma Stone is my #1

    Is it terrible that Amy and Tina’s jabs at Bill Cosby made me bowl over laughing?! Honestly, I think their sense of humor and the lengths at which they go to make fun of something/someone are right on point. Who the hell is going to host next year?

    I loved Common’s speech, well done Rashid! So poignant and also, so BALANCED. He showed alot of empathy in his speech and I think it was wonderful.

    1. Real Delina Post author

      As if her horrendous dress wasn’t enough, Claire’s accessories just put the nails in the coffin. The whole thing threw me off. Thank you re Lena Dunham. The whole thing has to be some inside joke between her and her ultra rich hipster NY friends that is too deep for us to understand. When weird is trying to be too cool to care. Fail!
      No, Amy and Tina’s jokes about Bill Cosby were spot on for me. The whole North Korea/Margaret Cho stuff was too much for me. It was offensive and uncomfortable to watch. I hate that the show went over and they cut a lot of Amy and Tina’s material. It looked they were fed up by the end.
      Love that you called him Rashid! The fact that he pointed out current events….just perfect. His and Kevin Spacey’s speech were the highlights for me.
      Thanks for reading and always being my inspiration for award season fashion!

  2. Sara

    Where do I start??? Ok I so completely agree with your worst dressed list, a lot of frump was going on there and I don’t even know why. I would have added Jane Fonda to your best dressed because she is 77 years old and will steal your man while wearing that bathing suit you can no longer fit into. I loved Emma Stone’s jumpsuit but something seemed a little off with the bodice, was it supposed to be more fitted? Regardless, you know I love a good pantsuit.

    My #1 was JLo. I am officially obsessed and plan to emulate her in all my life’s endeavours. Big hair, hour glass figure, Murad Magic. Just all of the yaaassssssssss

    The inbetweens were the biggest disappointments for me too. The men were definitely 4 fire emoji’s.

    I’m gonna miss Tina and Amy. Loved Tina in a Tux, that needs to be a thing! I laughed at everything except their North Korea/Margaret Cho bit (snoozefest). Wished Selma took home more but Common and Johnny had me up in my feels. Glad Frank Underwood got his due tho. I was over it by the last hour, as per usual.

    1. Real Delina Post author

      So every bit of your commentary is spot on! How can I forget Ms Jane Fonda! Not only was she looking hot in that red dress, her and Lily Tomlin’s satirical bit was hilarious. She definitely could steal anyone’s man while wearing whatever she wants LOL!
      Agreed, the bodice on Emma’s suit looked too loose, like it was about to slip off.
      The North Korea stuff was too offensive for me. Although Margaret Cho is hilarious, I think she went too far with that minstrel show.
      Wasn’t Kevin Spacey’s speech profound? 8 nominations later he finally gets his dues. And Frank Underwood is definitely the character worthy of that award.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!!


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