Hair Struggles

Find me a woman who says she has no complaints with her hair, and I’ll show you a liar. Curly, straight, big, thin, limp or frizzy; we all struggle with our hair and its misbehaving attitude.

After cutting it all of a while ago, I resorted to using heat all the time to maintain my short style. But the damage to my curls was visible. Now I’m on a mission to revive my hair and stay away from using heat. But I wanted to do this the manageable and healthy way.

I started researching online, naturally, for various options in terms of hair care. One of my favourite blogs for natural hair care is Hey Fran Hey. Francheska’s simple steps to condition your hair, co-washing to avoid stripping it of it’s natural moisture and best methods to keep it strong are great and easy to follow.

She inspired me to go hunting for the right products in Toronto and I found a great store in North York that carried all the products. Best part were the helpful staff that answered all my questions from what is co-washing (washing with conditioner instead of shampoo) and how to keep the moisture locked in my curls throughout the day not just when its wet. Shout out to the ladies at Honey Fig.

curly hair products

So these are my 3 go-to products right now- Mixed Chicks’ Leave-In Conditioner, Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing Smoothie in Cocunut and Hibiscus and Shea Moisture’s Reconstructing Finishing Elixir. Starting off with wet hair, the leave-in locks in the moisture as a base. The curl enhancing smoothie makes each curl pronounced and the spray gives it that sheen and ensure it doesn’t frizz throughout the day. So far so good. I’ll track my progress as I work to bring my curls back and share the stories.


3 thoughts on “Hair Struggles

  1. Awaleh

    Great article. I’ve been doing so research myself and recently read about hair with “low porosity”.Low porosity is when your hair cuticle layer is tightly-bound and closed. For this reason, it is very difficult to get moisture into the hair. But once it is moisturized properly, it holds moisture really well. I found out my hair has low porosity by placing a shed hair into a glass of still water. My hair floated for a long time thus why it doesn’t hold on to moisture. Not sure how true all of this is, so I’m definitely thinking of visiting “honey fig”
    I’ve been using the curl enhancer product on Nailah’s hair for the past month and i’m not sure how i feel about it yet…..

    1. Post author

      Wow. I learn something new everyday. Never heard of porosity but am definitely intrigued. Please do check it out. They have tons of hair products for kids that are safe.


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