Healthy Choices During Ramadan

For 30 days Muslims around the world will be fasting for Ramadan, a holy month dedicated to abstaining from food, water and vices from sunrise to sunset.

And with the holy month landing during hot summer, its imperative that those fasting focus on hydration and energy packed foods during the hours they can eat such as fruits, vegetables along with nuts and oats for protein and fiber.

BuzzFeed posted a great list of 27 Foods to Eat at Suhoor That Release Energy Throughout the Day During Ramadan that listed smoothies and meals that are easy to make ahead of time that can be consumed during suhoor (the early breakfast before sunrise).

Here are some of examples from the list that I’m looking forward to making this month.

1.A colourful stack of Greek yogurt, oats, chia seeds and mixed berries.



2. Eggs, feta and spinach wrapped in a whole grain tortilla.



3. Fill freezer bags with your favourite smoothie ingredients so that they’re easy to grab and make early in the morning.




If you’re fasting this month, hope it’s smooth and fulfilling for you. Let me know if you try any of the ideas listed and how it helped.


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