House of Cards – Season 3

The only way to survive winter, other than tons of vitamin C and wearing layers, is watching Netflix. What did we do before Netflix, when we hibernated for months cursing that ugly groundhog who taunted us with 6 more weeks of this mess? VHS?

Like the rest of the world I’m glued to the Underwoods dynasty on House Of Cards. Francis scares and intrigues me while I secretly want to be Claire. More so for her crazy awesome wardrobe and less for her cut throat approach to power. Lack of vitamin D has me all over the place.


Her short hair, that accentuates her chiseled features, gives her a polished almost statuesque appearance. The styling on actress Robin Wright has been classic and clean. Sticking to hues of blue, charcoal and off-white to the staple black, Claire’s wardrobe has been sharp from when she was a governor’s wife and head of an NGO to now the FLOTUS and UN Ambassador.


Even her accessories are spot on. The bag that carries it all, the stylish eyeglasses and the never-out-of-style pearls pull together the outfit from board room to public appearances. Claire faces a lot of enemies, whether she brought them on herself or not is up for debate, but along with her killer ensembles and runner body, she takes command of every room she walks into.


Less is more and the costume design team behind House of Cards have shown that simple well cut outfits leave as lasting an impression as any form of legislature this family wields.

Are you tuned in to House of Cards? And are you as enthralled as me?

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