Janet Jackson – No Sleep

Janet ‘Ms Jackson If You’re Nasty’ is BACK! The youngest of the Jackson clan with the whispery voice has returned with a summer banger ‘No Sleep’ that I know is going to be a hit.

She recently announced her world tour titled Unbreakable and held auditions for back up dancers. The legendary pop icon, who brought us such incredible hits like Control, Rhythm Nation, If, Alright and many more is known for her videos with killer moves and sharp choreography. So nothing less than perfection is expected for her tours which have been record breaking. I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Janet in concert and I’m not passing up the opportunity when she comes to Toronto on Sept 15th.

The new song ‘No Sleep’ is going to be the song you hear bumping out of cars all over the city this summer. It’s also going to be the song to play while dancing close on warm summer nights. Hearing Janet’s raspy voice croon on love takes me back to so many memories. Janet’s music has been the back drop to so many of my crushes, summer nights out, childhood and teenage memories ever since Janet’s powerful album ‘Control’ came out in 1986.

What’s so great about this new song is that Janet stayed true to her sound, giving her loyal audience music that is true. So often come backs are marred with radio- craving-trendy songs that are disconnected to artist’s fan base. What gives artists longevity in the music industry is staying away from ‘what’s hot’ and staying true to their artistry.

Janet knows her fan base and this song is the perfect return for her.

What do you think of the song?

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