Janet – No Sleeep video

Thank goodness the video stays true to the song – no gimmicks, no crazy choreo, no distractions. Similar to the song, it’s minimal and ‘plush’.

I liked seeing Janet be coy and mildly dance around in the apartment. It reminded me of another favourite Janet song, ‘That’s The Way Love Goes’ which was directed by the same guy, Dave Myers.

J.Cole makes an appearance in the video as well and his presence isn’t overwhelming, because let’s be honest we’re here to see Janet. Not sure what is up with his hair, if he’s trying the Basquiat/The Weeknd look or is attempting to actually grow a full head of dreads.

2 thoughts on “Janet – No Sleeep video

  1. Samantha

    HAHA I totally thought the same thing when I saw J. Cole’s hair!

    Love me some Janet that feels like the Janet we know, not some “reinvention” crap that all of these other pop artists try to pull off every couple of years


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