Kendrick Lamar – i

Feel good music is always going to be catchy, no matter what genre. Pharrell’s hit song “Happy” is proof of that, it was so good that it crossed over into the Oscars and had actors dancing in their seats.

I’ve gushed about Kendrick Lamar on here before (please see older post on Grammy awards show) and he’s still exceeding expectations.

His latest song ‘i’ which came out late September shows once again why he is one of the strongest lyricist in hip hop right now. Without the usual bravado in a rap video, Kendrick plays a supporting role with the lyrics taking the lead. The lyrical video was directed by Christian San Jose and is shot in Kendrick’s hometown of Compton, Los Angeles. It features tons of locals using both hands to hold up the heart symbol that perfectly aligns with the song’s main line “I love myself”.

Any other rapper would have made something so uplifting, feel contrived and corny but there is such a level of authenticity in Kendrick’s poetry that it draws one in like sunshine.

Looking forward to Kendrick’s next album, which I hope delivers like his previous two.

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