Kimye On The Cover Of Vogue

The uproar from the highbrow fashion world coud be heard all over the social media landscape the minute it was announced that Kim Kardashian along with her fiancee Kanye West (annoyingly dubbed Kimye) would be on the cover of Vogue’s Spring issue.

The minute it hit the Twittersphere, there were several tweets from folks who were shocked that Vogue Editor Anna Wintour chose reality star Kim Kardashian to grace the cover. Most notable was actress Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) who tweeted that she was cancelling her subscription.

It is a bit of surprise to see Kim on the cover. Kanye, not so much. He has been forging a path in the fashion world from his Fendi internship to countless appearances front row at fashion shows. But Kim has not been a favourite of Ms. Wintour’s, so seeing her on the cover seems a ploy to create controversy. It’s been speculated that she was banned from the MET gala for years but was only allowed in recently as Kanye’s date, but was kept off Vogue’s best dressed list after she wore that hideous floral print full body table cloth.

The fashion world will say that Vogue needs to stick to models on its cover, or at the very least celebs with talent. That a reality star who had no fashion sense that was memorable until Kanye’s stylist did an overhaul of her wardrobe, hasn’t earned a coveted seat on the cover of fashion’s Bible.

Anna Wintour had to defend this choice in her letter to the editor in the same issue, saying that she wasn’t put up to this after Kanye begged her to put Kim on the cover but that the Vogue team all chose this cover. Stating that as a couple, Kimye are influential in today’s culture.

Personally, I’m not a fan of the Kimye phenom and was taken a back to see them on the cover. Do they cause a stir and are talked about? Yes, but does that warrant a highly coveted fashion cover? For Kanye, yes. He is making waves in fashion and despite his rants and obnoxious behaviour I can’t despite his talent. But Kim, no. There is no talent there and any fashion sense has been curated and handed to her. Which I get is no different than a model, but at least with a model we already agree that’s their job. To just wear the clothes and make us envision ourselves in them. However with Kim, we are being told that this is a standard of beauty and class to be emulated. No thanks. Lest we forget how she got here.

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