Live From Your Soul

Every now and then I turn to sources for guidance when it comes to food for the soul. Our paths are full of pitfalls and blunders, so sometimes you need a moment of clarity to help you re-group and get back on track. A mental check-in on your soul to know you’re ok, still growing and on the right track.

I was sent an article from this blog called ‘This Is About Love” by Shelly Bullard a while back and after reading a few of her pieces, I signed up to get weekly emails on her posts. Whether its on self-love, how to close chapters from your past, struggling with power dynamics in love or a range of other topics, I found her writing warm and inspirational.

I’m an advocate of seeking help in any form you can: coaching, therapy, counselling, etc. If it takes a village to raise a child, well then it takes a community to keep it going throughout life. We’re not self-made; if we are destined to be great it’s because we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Find motivation wherever you can. I found some helpful words on Shelly Bullard’s blog. Her recent post on “How To Attract Your Soul Mate” stood out to me, especially the part about living from your soul. This is my mantra everyday. To be true to my authentic self and not my ego. To ‘live in a soulful manner’ and let all your joy, warmth and genuine happiness through.

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