Liven Up With Lemons

Just like adding a colourful accessory to brighten up your outfit or how the sun’s appearance can warm up any dreary day, adding a bit of colour to your diet can improve your health.

Lemons are one those foods with so many benefits that you should start your day with it. From vitamins, alkaline power, fiber and acting as a detoxifier lemons positively impact almost all areas of your health.


Here are some benefits –

1) Once your body metabolizes the lemon, it becomes alkaline helping balance your pH level. This is important in overall health and immune strengthening.

2) Release toxins. Warm water with lemon helps with digestion by stimulating the muscles within the intestinal walls. The vitamins found within lemons also loosen the toxins found in the digestive tract. Definitely the best drink to start your day off with and flush out any toxins your body spent the night clearing out.

3) Natural immune booster. Better than any antibiotic or pill, lemons contain vitamin C and potassium. Potassium motivates brain and nerve function while controlling blood pressure. And especially needed during this winter season, vitamin C is a great tool to fight colds.

4) The vitamin C found in lemons also helps clear skin. By detoxifying the blood stream, lemons help get rid of blemishes from the inside out.

So before you reach for that cup of hot coffee or tea in the morning, try a hot cup of water with lemon to kick start a healthy day.

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