Me Before You – Film Adaptation

Whenever I hear that a book I enjoyed is being made into a movie, I cringe. Rarely does this turn out well. Rarely does the boldness of the characters on those pages that came to life in my imagination, come across accurately on the big screen. So often the film falls short of just how grand the story was and has reduced the brightness of the plot to fit into two hours perfectly.

Last year my book club read ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes which was about a young lady named Louisa who ends up taking a job to take care of a young man named Will after he becomes paralyzed. The book was heart wrenching, lovely, unforgettable and unfolded in a way that my heart wasn’t ready to deal with. Basically it was a great book that if I had just read the back cover synopsis, I might not have picked it up. A true example of not judging a book by the cover.

Reading that one of the main characters was a paraplegic left me thinking this story would be too tragic for me. That’s what is so great about book club – it forces me to step outside of my comfort zone when it comes to literature.

Just seeing the trailer, I have a sense they have conscientiously attempted to convey the essence of the book. Not the tragedy of the character’s situation, but adding nuance to what life holds for us all and how we navigate within it. I can’t give the story away but I want to convey that this story is not as simple as you’d think. And I hope the film shows just how beautiful and complicated both life and this book is.


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