Meklit ‘Kemekem’ – An Ode To The Afro

No idea is original. What was once old, will one day become new and this is just as true with music. If you’re going to sample, sample the oldies but goodies.

This is the case with Ethiopian-American singer Meklit’s remake of a traditional Ethiopian song ‘Kemekem’. This song was made popular by singer Muluken Melesse when my parents were growing up and I’ve heard them sing it as they play their music around the house.

Meklit’s modern twist to the song is stripped down and robust, with her booming voice captivating the listener despite whether they understand the Amharic words or not. Her ode to the afro is amazing and further exemplifies the global movement towards re-embracing natural hair. In the ’70s the afro was the symbol of rejecting the mainstream belief of beauty and proudly showcasing the richness of natural black hair.

From the group of beautiful afros to the tug of war dance routine, this video and song is amazing.


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