Men’s Fashion For Spring/Summer 2015

Out with the old and in with the new for this Spring/Summer 2015 (SS15), as we bask in the sunshine and look forward to brightening up our wardrobe.

With the winter parkas packed away, I interviewed stylist Chinedu from ChineduStyle about what men can look forward to wearing this spring and summer season.

With warmer weather and sunshine finally here, we see a pleasant change in our wardrobes such as lighter layers. What are you seeing in men’s spring/summer fashion?

Colours, Colours, Colours! I am happy that winter is behind us, so are the dreary grey and black colour schemes. I am excited to see some of the daring colours this SS15 season. I know I will be showcasing some of my own more lively colour selections.

Of course we see more light weight fabrics like linen and cotton, as they are the most breathable options for the hot weather. The linen suit and seersucker suits are a go-to for this season.

Floral is always a repeat in women’s spring fashion. What is a common apparel and/or fabric in men’s spring fashion?

Ironically, floral is becoming the choice pattern for the modern man when it comes to shirting options in the spring/summer.This is not only the case for shirts, but for accessories. I know that EPH Apparel features a “dandy florist” tie, that will spruce up that summer suit, and give it a fresh look. Also look out for the sock-less loafer look this season – it is sure to be a staple.

Accessories are always a great way to bring an outfit together. What are some your favourite accessories?

I mentioned ties earlier, but socks are the new tie! They are a way for a man to express his individuality. Two men can have the same suit with similar cuts, and their sock option can give a totally different sense of who they are – it’s quite fascinating.

Lapel flowers are quickly becoming a great option to step that summer suit up, and create a more fun and youthful aesthetic.

And of course the pocket square – my personal favourite. Similar to your sock game, the pocket square is a way for one to express themselves, and add a bit of character to an outfit. I’ve worn the same outfit with different pocket squares and have been asked if I was wearing a new suit!

As a stylist, what element of a man’s look do you notice is often neglected or overlooked?

More and more, I am finding that men are becoming informed and paying closer attention to the details in their fashion game. However, there are still gaps.

One of the things that I feel men neglect is the fabric option they choose, and how that can really affect the look, feel and longevity of their outfit. Guys are still going to the brick and mortar stores and getting items that look “stylish”, but are made with synthetic fabrics.

Synthetics do not breathe well and do not last. Sure the price points are better, but you are better to spend a little more for a 100% natural fabric like cotton, light weight wool or linen that will last you longer, breathe better and be more durable.

One of my favourite part of a man’s look is his shoes. What can we anticipate for the upcoming season for men shoes options?

Sock-less loafers will be out in abundance this season without a doubt. Be it with a leather finish, or suede, you are sure to see your fair share of loafers and Tod-esque driving shoes – stay tuned, it will definitely be a fun SS15 season.

Some great fashion insight from stylist ChineduStyle.  Would love to hear from the men on this one and if they are incorporating some of these tips. How are you guys sprucing up your wardrobe for the Spring/Summer 2015?

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