Mission #BringMyCurlsBack

A few weeks back I wrote about the Natural Hair Movement and my personal journey to revive my once bouncy curls. More than just putting away my flat iron, I was focused on using natural ingredients like coconut, jojoba and olive oil to keep my hair hydrated especially through the harsh winter weather.

As part of this journey, I booked an appointment with a curly hair specialist following a recommendation from a friend. This friend has a head full of luscious curls and after seeing how great her hair turned out, I was curious. My friend sent me the details about hairstylist Keina Morgan and after seeing her Instagram pictures, I was quick to book my own appointment so I could give my hair over to this woman.

Now what I was looking forward to most was having my hair trimmed by a hair stylist who understands the complexities of curly hair. I also wanted to learn best techniques to style my hair and get some highlights (why not, its spring). I got all this and more!

Keina took the time to do a consultation and find out what I was looking to gain not just for my hair, but from the overall experience. After filling out a brief questionnaire we got started determining the colour for my highlights. I chose a medium brown, enough to hide my greys (which came due to wisdom and that’s the story I’m sticking to) while giving my hair some light definition.

For me the education came in when, after washing my hair, Keina showed me how to apply the curl defining pomade she chose for my hair. They have a great assortment of professional products. Based on my hair, which I learned that day has various textures ranging from 4A at my roots all the way to 3B at the tips, she chose the Kinky Curly Custard to best apply to my drenched hair.

With a hand held mirror, I watched as she went through my hair section by section applying the mixture while also detangling my hair at the same time. Using her fingers, she was able to get my hair fully treated and defined.

I don’t want to give away all of her secrets, but if you have been looking for a place to treat your curly hair, go to Keina’s Place! From the service, the quality of products and level of expertise I was thoroughly impressed. I’m looking forward to follow up appointment in August!

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