Mo Knows Hair

For the past little while I’ve been hooked watching hair tutorial videos online. Learning how to get the perfect wash and go curls, strengthen my edges and finding out how to best protect my hair when adding heat.

By far my favourite videos to watch have been from Mo Knows Hair. Informative is an understatement. Just like her blog title, she really does know hair. I’ve learned about my hair type (3C), porosity level (medium) and what type of products are best suited for me.

She has great videos on what to ask a stylist when thinking about colouring your hair, how to transition from chemically treating your hair to going natural, how to restore your hair after having braids or a weave in as well as llearning what co-washing can do for your curls. There is a video tutorial for any and everyone on there.

Check it out and let me know which videos were informative for you.

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