My Issue With Lena Dunham

In the last few days I’ve quietly watched the uproar on social media over some disturbing excerpts from Lena Dunham’s memoir, ‘Not That Kind of Girl’, where she describes committing lewd acts to her younger sister. I can’t even stomach repeating some of that stuff so I’ll just point you here to read up on it.

When Lena Dunham first got attention, as the star and creator of the HBO show ‘Girls’, so many exalted her as a modern day feminist, the voice for the millennial generation. Her stardom to fame was quick and only at 28 years old her celebrity afforded her the platform to publish her first memoir and embark on a world tour.

Beyond the fact that I found her show ‘Girls’ was not only badly written, but was nothing more than a platform for spoiled brats to whine about how hard it is being hip. Sorry, but I can’t relate and would never want to.

My definitive beef with the Lena Dunham’s fame is that she’s not funny….truly not funny. But has managed to maneuver her way through Hollyweird whether due to class, race and/or both while women of colour who are genuinely funny continue to struggle to get noticed.

Clutch Magazine did a great piece that juxtapositioned Lena Dunham’s career next to someone whom I believe is not only funnier, but has the dexterity to be a force behind and in front of the camera. Issa Rae, you may recall was the genius behind the web-series ‘Misadventures of An Awkward Black Girl’.


Rae needs no sympathy, her talents have brought her tons of attention from being on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list twice and being in talks with HBO for a show, however I can’t help but wonder why are the potholes to get around greater in number for women of colour in comparison to their fairer skinned counterparts.

White privilege? For those who may not be familiar with that term here is Wikipedia’s definition: a term for societal privileges that benefit white people beyond what is commonly experienced by non-white people under the same social, political, or economic circumstances. This terms tends to get some people upset but that’s only because of their outlook on the world. They want to believe there really is a level playing field for all of us to work from, without taking in the systemic racism and discrimination that have been rooted in place for centuries.

But when ‘this generation’s golden feminist’ writes such questionable and eye brow raising details, why is she is not facing the shooting range? Why has she been able to go unscathed?


Another great blog post that I came across and inspired me to write something is by @Luvvie, ‘About Lena Dunham’s Memoir, Overshare and Lack of Boundaries.‘ Luvvie points out that Dunham’s self-absorption is apparent in her weak defense claiming that the media is twisting her words. Meanwhile everything quoted is taken verbatim from her memoir. Where’s the confusion?? That inability to step outside of herself and see how disturbing, predatory and dangerous her actions were stems from her lack of boundaries. That in turn is reinforced by a society that has different sets of rules for each race of people.

Imagine for a second that an up and coming black female comedian published her first autobiography and shared stories similar to Dunham’s? Her career would be over before it even started. Shoot, I bet she’d chased out of Hollywood by an angry mob with stakes and pitchforks.

I still can’t stop thinking ‘GROSS!!’ as I look back at those excerpts from her book. But even more revolting, are the Dunham fans that continue to wave her flag all over Twitter. Please have a stadium of seats Lena Losers, no amount of polyester hipster vintage clothing is going to dress this up.

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