Naomi Still Got It

After 20 years in the fashion industry, supermodel Naomi Campbell, 44, still reigns. Look past all her anger issue dramas and various celeb boyfriends, Naomi is still a model major fashion houses covet for their runways and ad campaigns.

So no surprise that she recently has appeared in two large ad campaigns that prove her legacy.

Burberry’s Spring/Summer 2015 campaign featured both Naomi and model Jourdan Dunn, 24, who is also Black and British. By having the veteran supermodel Naomi paired up with the young Jourdan, Burberry launched a vibrant campaign that pulls in both a young and mature clientele. This duality speaks to Naomi’s staying power and Jourdan’s clout in the industry.



Shortly after, luxury lingerie line Agent Provocateur chose Naomi as the face for their Spring/Summer 2015 campaign, which went for a femme fatale look. The campaign was inspired by David Lynch’s The Lost Highway and Brian de Palma’s murderous thriller Body Double. In a superficial industry that doesn’t know what to do with women over 40, its great to see Naomi not only still looking fabulous at 44 but scoring great campaigns over many young faces.



Slay Naomi. Slay!

3 thoughts on “Naomi Still Got It

  1. samantha

    She is hands down the most beautiful woman on the planet. Her face, her skin, her body, her lips, her eyes…..goddamnit she is SLAYING and ain’t nobody can touch her!


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