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The word ‘movement’ might be a bit much, however being a kid that grew up in the 80s and 90s seeing relaxers, hot rods and everything in between, now watching the abundance of #bighairdontcare gives me the sense that we are watching a movement. A complete rejection of archaic and Eurocentric ideals of beauty has led to many women freeing their hair to be as large, curly and gorgeous as it naturally is.

Probably over a year ago I noticed on social media a number of blogs and YouTube accounts dedicated to maintaining natural black hair. At the time I had cut my hair real short, pixie style, and just did an ombre colour to the front so I was truly just an observer at this point. Going big and curly wasn’t on my mind but as the damage from the colour set in and I reminisced more and more over my big hair from university days, I found myself hooked on these YouTube videos.

Here are some of the natural hair sisters on YouTube that I was watching consistently and plotting my return to big hair.

MahoganyCurls chopped off all her hair in 2009 and watching her hair journey has been eye-opening in terms of all the styling options for transitional hair. Especially without using heat, which was to me a huge lesson. Having nurtured hair doesn’t mean style has to be sacrificed.

HeyFranHey was someone I came across on Twitter. Someone RT her Tweet offering advice about a healthy smoothie, which led me to checking out her page and then spending a considerable amount of time watching her videos. She specifically focuses on natural living ‘from the inside out’, so you’ll find videos on cleaning eating, meditation as well as hair care.

Mo is probably the most resourceful natural hair outlet I’ve come across. I’ve learned so much about hair care and maintenance from her videos and her blog. From hair porosity, proper hydration routines, skin care and much more. Before getting a hair cut, colour or looking for a new style check out her blog for tons of tips.

My Natural Sistas are a group of biological sisters that post videos covering hair, beauty and fashion. My favourite ones are by India, one of the three sisters. She posts a lot of good videos with DIY methods for hair care.

Whether online or even among my own group of friends, the return to natural hair is a big topic and one that is empowering. So many of our conversations now revolve around what products we’re using, our natural hair journeys to DIY remedies to revive our curls.

Here is how large my hair was in 2010


And this is where I’m at now


In a few weeks I’m about to go see a hair stylist to get a cut specifically for curly hair. I’ll update you guys with the look and how my personal hair journey goes.

Let me know if you guys follow any hair stories online. Are you going through your own hair transitions? What products are working and which were duds? Would love to hear from you

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  1. samantha

    Love this post and your before and now pics! can’t wait to see what hair plans you have in store 🙂 i miss your big bountiful hair~!

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