New Favourite Restaurant – Maha’s

Every good meal shares one universal ingredient – love. And at Maha’s Brunch that is exactly what every meal is prepared with.

I had plans for an overdue brunch with a dear friend and I found a hidden gem of a restaurant on Instagram. Someone had taken a picture of their meal at Maha’s and I was drooling over my phone already. FYI their page is mahasbrunch.

Located at 226 Greenwood Ave. (between Danforth and Gerrard) in Toronto, Maha’s is a cute restaurant that smells of great coffee and spices as soon as you walk in. Specializing in Egyptian cuisine, they were packed as I got there for 1pm on a Sunday. A handsome waiter (whom I learned later is named Marc) told me that it’d be an approximate 45 mins wait to be seated but I was already hooked as I saw the food and drinks at each table. And before I knew it, there was a table ready.

We started with two glasses of their house latte which is made with honey and cardamom. Heaven! I wanted to lick the glass after I had finished. And I know my coffee so this was already a great start.


I ordered the Cairo classic which consisted of foole (a dish made of fava beans, cumin, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and a sesame seed drizzled falafeel in the middle) along with charred balady bread. My friend ordered the Egyptian falafeels and lentil soup. The falafeels had a unique twist as they had hard boiled eggs inside them. Our plates became shared meals as we used the bread to scoop pieces off each other’s plate.



Good. Sumptuous. Mouth watering. Are all under statements to describe the food. We wiped our plates clean, that’s how amazing the food was.

At this point my friend and I had made ourselves comfortable and after devouring our food, settled in to enjoy a pot of mint tea.


But what made this place so special to me that I needed to write about it was Maha herself. We were soon joined at our table by owner and chef Maha along with her daughter Monica. They opened up about how the restaurant was a labour of love for them. Maha started off catering from home, teaching cooking classes with Loblaws then as a family they all decided to open Maha’s together. It’s quite apparent how much Monica and her brother Marc (handsome waiter from the beginning) love their mom and how much Maha loves to cook, by just tasting how incredible the food is. That love translates into each meal.


If you’re looking to go to a place that feels like being at a friend’s warm home, then go to Maha’s. You will not be disappointed.


**Photo credit shoutout to my beautiful friend @mzmahoganysun ***

2 thoughts on “New Favourite Restaurant – Maha’s

  1. samantha

    OK I had to come and read this after talking to you today. LOVE the sound of Maha and love that you found this hidden gem and started some buzz around town! XO

    1. Real Delina Post author

      I’m so glad you read it. It’s really all due to how good the food is and their warm hospitality. But I’m glad they read it and liked the post 🙂


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