Political Fashion

While everyone was wondering who wore whom at NYFW this year, a stir was made by a notable magazine director wearing a shirt that held a strong message.

Cosmopolitan’s Fashion Market Director, Shiona Turini wore a casual t-shirt that listed the names of African-American men and boys who were killed in senseless acts of murder, some at the hands of law enforcement. While many NYFW attendees were more consumed by the trends on the runway, Shiona took a courageous step and used her platform to send a message. Above the names on her shirt it read ‘They have names’, drawing attention to the ongoing prevalence of African-American deaths being disregarded and devalued.

Ms Turini even posted a selfie with the shirt and the caption: ” #theyhavenames. Thank you @pyermoss I’m proud to honour the memory of these lost souls #justice #myblackisbeautiful #mymenarevaluable #saveoursons”

Is there a place for politics in fashion? Was this the right platform to draw attention to these issues? Let me know what you think.

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