It started with Delina PR, my freelance PR business, with the blog page there dedicated to everything PR related. From industry related articles to case studies on my clients, Delina PR’s site was not the place to delve into my personal likes or rants.

Thus Real Delina was born. A pseudonym from my social media accounts, Real Delina is a blog that covers areas that I tend to be the most opinionated on:

Healthy Habits: focusing on health and wellness with posts looking at nutrition, body care and overall well being.

Pretty Wears: Who’s wearing what and why? From trends to red carpet analysis.

Warm & Fuzzy: Because happiness is a choice and it starts within. We all need boosts of joy and daily affirmations. Consider this where to go for virtual hugs.

Queens Reign: In case you forget, but women rock. This is where I’ll be cheering on strong women that I come across in real or cyberlife.

Big Tunes: Cool songs/singers/songwriters that caught my ear. As big as my heart and my hair, I like music to be big in warmth and appeal.

There are a few smaller categories such as Rando Dando (I have moments of randomness that can’t be defined) that I add to from time to time.

Hope you enjoy, leave a comment or stay around for a while.


Real Delina

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