Shades of Nude

Finally!!! For so long whenever I saw ‘nude’ shades for lipstick, pantyhose, heels, clothing, band aids, etc it was a given that the word ‘nude’ didn’t apply to me. Brands tend to mean beige when they classify a line as nude, relegating me and my sisters of colour to the nether world with black underwear.

When cosmetic lines like Iman started catering to women of colour successfully, one would think other brands would follow suit knowing there is a huge demand, but alas finding nude shades that actually come close to shades ranging from mahogany to cafe au lait are far and few in between.

However BuzzFeed,┬áhad a great post on a new line launching this October called Nubian Skin. A lingerie line that caters to women of colour with a wide variety of nude shades promising to offer a realistic alternative to what has been passed off as ‘skin tone’ until now. They also promise to carry pantyhose! No more wondering if my legs are ‘natural’ or ‘taupe’.

Based on the photos, this line looks to cover a wide range of shades and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Hopefully this is just the start to the concept of ‘nude’ in the fashion world becoming expansive.


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