Sound of Torture Documentary

Moved. Heart broken. Shaken. Just a few of the emotions that ran through me as I watched the documentary Sound of Torture, which was the closing film at the Toronto Black Film Fest on Sun Feb 15th.

The film follows Eritrean-Swedish radio host Meron Estefanos who focuses her show on the plight of Eritrean refugees kidnapped and held hostage in the Sinai desert. The kidnappers demand large ransoms from the hostages’ families all over the world while raping, mutilating and abusing their victims. The film follows Meron as she communicates with the hostages and meets with Eritrean refugees in Israel, even going so far as to travel to the Sinai to bring light to this dark story.

This story hits very close to home for me as an Eritrean-Canadian. So often the stories of refugees and internally displaced people are silenced over the noise of celebrity-dom and pop culture. But those of us who have survived, are blessed and in positions of influence have a responsibility to give a voice to voiceless. We are the ones that can bring these stories to the forefront, drawing attention to the atrocities and in turn, hopefully bringing those culprits to justice.

Please take a moment to check out the trailer below. A few friends and I felt that we need to do more than just be viewers, so we’re brainstorming on ways to bring more awareness to this issue. I’ve contacted the producers of this film hoping to find other film festivals so that this documentary can be seen by more and this story draws global attention.

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  1. Samantha

    Awful story and one, as you say, that isn’t making the limelight anywhere. Glad you blogged about it. I’m going to try and see if I can find it to watch.


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