Spring/Summer 2015 Fashion Trends

So we’re half way through January and although it doesn’t look like there’s a light at the end of tunnel, warmer weather isn’t that far off. Even if we’re focused on putting on the layers right now, soon we’ll be stripping them off and adding colour to our wardrobes once again.

In hopes of reviving some sunshine, here is a look at what fashion heads are saying will be the trends for Spring/Summer 2015:

Here Comes The Sun


Diane Von Furstenberg – NYC Fashion Week

What better way to bring colour back after months of dreary winter than a splash of sunshine. Yellow made a resurgence on runways for Spring/Summer 2015 and I can’t wait to rock my marigold, canary and yellow pieces in a few months.

Gingham Style


Oscar De La Renta

Screen Shot 2015-01-06 at 5.41.48 PM

Think more French actress Brigitte Bardot from the 1950s and not that one hit wonder from Korea. This print harks back to an older time but is making a come back in dresses that are cut in a classic pencil or pin up girl look. Creates a casual feminine look.

Wear All White When You’re Feeling Godly


Forget all the weddings that are probably going on this summer and snatch that bridal white right from the main lady of the night. The rule is to keep all white only before labour day, but fashion rules are lame anyways. Get a nice pair of white denim, a white blazer and/or a breezy white sun dress this spring. Get your angelic look on.

All That Sash


Technically not a new look as I’m pretty sure we’ve seen this one shoulder action in the past but, hey no idea is original anymore. The one shoulder look with the sash has been around since togas at the Acropolis in Greece and the runways now are no different. So be ready to have one shoulder more tanned than the other this summer.

That’s My Shirt

Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Some people say that comfort has no place in fashion. I’m sure those same people are insane and would hate the idea of a shirt dress. I however adhere to the mantra of confidence, and I know I can confidently be comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Taking a bit from the early ’90s look of flannel shirts as the new look of rocking shirt dresses was all over the runways for Spring/Summer 2015. Paired with strappy sandals, I’m sure this free flowing look will be a hit.

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