Not a new discovery, but I recently found myself playing Stromae’s video for ‘Papaoutai’ over and over again. The Belgian singer was in Toronto this fall and I sadly missed out the chance to go to his show. Ever since he came out with the hit ‘Alors On Danse’ in 2010 and the likes of Vogue editor Anna Wintour were jamming to that track, he’s been climbing the charts. Hip hop fans got introduced to him when Kanye did a remix of that song with him.

Stromae, born Peter Van Haver, takes from many influences such as Eurodance, house to hip hop. You can even hear a bit of an African influence in ‘Papaoutai’ possibly harking to his Rwandan father.

His last album Racine Carree came out in 2013 and featured many great singles such as ‘Formidable’ and ‘Ta Fete’. He will be included in the upcoming soundtrack for the feature film Mockingjay, part of the Hunger Games trilogy.

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    1. Real Delina Post author

      You were the one who introduced me to Stromae a long time ago. Shout out to you for putting me onto his music!


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