I will own my biases here and say it proudly that the best music comes out of the continent where it originated, Africa. There isn’t a modern musical sound that can’t trace its origin to Africa.

Although hard to find in the mainstream here in Canada, there are some great music coming from African pop and hip hop artists. I follow OkayPlayer’s Africa account on Twitter, OkayAfrica and they recently posted a duo from Angola called Tchobari. The duo is made of of rapper Sarissari and beatmaker Tchoboly. And wow!

The lyrics are in Portuguese but nonetheless, when the ‘music hits you, you feel no pain’ as Bob would say. The beats are dance party worthy, the rhythm is catchy and hip-swaying fun.

Favourite songs thus far are Ta Bonito and Quem Mandou Me Nascer 

Found one of their earlier tracks from 2012, È Male.

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