The Beautiful Game

Soccer is the largest played sport in the world and ever since I could remember, I’ve watched soccer games on Saturday mornings as much as I watched weekend morning cartoons.

And every four years the globe unites to watch 32 nations fight for the title, best in the world. This World Cup has been dramatic as any other with returning champs Spain already sent home and soccer juggernauts England eliminated without scoring a single goal.

This grand stage is where underdogs can shine and surprise us all. Analysts and commentators may have their rankings and predictions, but it can all change in the 90 minutes when two teams collide on the field.

European teams that have stepped up are France, Belgium and Netherlands. France hasn’t shown any signs of hope since 1998, Netherlands have been disappointing for years and Belgium has found a golden ticket with their new striker Lukaku. Leading up to next weeks sudden death games, these teams have shown no mercy as they clamor for the Cup.

My heart was rooting for all and any African team to at least make it to the semi finals. The biggest disappointment has been Cameroon who spent more energy fighting amongst themselves. Cote Divoire and Ghana both need wins in the next few days to get through. Nigeria can just get a tie to get by but against legendary Argentina, it won’t be easy.

Central and South America have been the most entertaining games to watch. Costa Rica, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile and Argentina play with such splendor that its mesmerizing. There’s a reason the Brazil team is dubbed ‘Samba Boys’ as their footwork resembles the exciting dance style. Analysts have it that the final games may turn out to be mostly Central and South American teams. Whether that’s true or not, it’ll be exhilarating to watch them race to the finals.

Who are you rooting for?

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