The Winter Sads

So you take vitamin D and eat more fruits but is that enough to avoid the winter blues? My doctor always reminds me before November sets in to stock up on my vitamin D because once we get less and less sunshine, my mood withers. Its natural.

But other than playing your favourite tunes, stacking up great movies to watch during hibernation and tackling hearty and fun recipes in the kitchen there comes a feeling of being stuck. Of just utter no sun having endless days of snow where is my life going blah. This usually is heightened by late Jan all into Feb when we’re in the final stretches of winter and hope for spring is dismal.

I was reading up on one of my favourite love life coaches, Shelly Bullard, about this exact topic and she said that this is also related to our ‘limiting belief’ – A limiting belief is simply a message within you that tells you you cannot be, do or have what you want. Many times our limiting beliefs are unconscious – they’re below the surface of your awareness. 

Maybe there’s a new team at work you’d like to join, a trip you want to take, a creative en devour you’ve been dreaming of starting. The winter hibernation has us thinking, mostly overthinking, a lot more. And with the leaves and birds all gone for the season, the silence and dreariness can be a downer but that doesn’t mean that painting project you wanted to start can’t happen.

So, instead of defining yourself and what you can and cannot accomplish by these ‘limiting beliefs’, I’m challenging you and myself to change this way of thinking.

As Shelley Bullard points out-

Anyone who accomplished anything will tell you that they FIRST believed in the goal, and then it happened. The belief precedes the goal.  The dream, the vision, and the conviction in a belief is what causes the necessary inspiration and forces to make it happen.

If you don’t believe in it, it cannot come true. Therefore, in order to shift your own limiting beliefs, you have to believe in an alternative possibility before it becomes realty. I like to call these “higher beliefs.” 

Sure, you’ve heard it before. Probably a thousand times. But it’s because it’s true. It’s all in your outlook, the perspective you choose to have each and everyday. Will you put your goals ahead of your doubts, fear, insecurities? It’s up to you. How you spend each and every moment of this precious life is all up to you. Aim for ‘higher beliefs’.

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