To Be Black In the UK – Cecile Emeke

Came across this insightful video done by BBC Trending on UK director and writer Cecile Emeke. Cecile first garnered attention with her documentary web series ‘Strolling’ and her short web film series ‘Ackee & Saltfish’. Her work has been featured globally from the New York Times, Washington Post, Ebony, Fader, Nylon, Dazed, AfroPunk, OkayAfrica to the Tribeca Film Festival.

The great thing about traveling for me, is learning more about different cultures and seeing not only our differences but our similarities. Getting to see and experience how others, who look like you, have found ways to flourish, be creative and thrive in different environments.

This video looks at Cecile’s exploration of not only Blacks in the UK but also all across Europe.

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