Travelling While Black

Travelling is food for the spirit, the way laughter is medicine for the soul. For me, a trip away rejuvenates and inspires unlike anything else. Getting to see, feel and taste another culture awakens within us our true sense of humanity, emphasizing just how similar we all are. And just how beautiful this wide world is.

My list of places to visit is long and daunting but I try my best to get away every few months. Or else the monotony of day to day would bore me to death. So it was a pleasant find to come across the blog Travel Noire , “a blogging platform featuring cultivated insights from a global community of black travelers. Founded by a Glamour Magazine award-winning entrepreneur.” I spent hours pouring over posts on how to work abroad, how to earn free flyer miles, how to upgrade seats from economy to business class for free and countless other posts on how to be a smart traveller. Its like someone took all my ‘what if…” questions re travelling and answered them in one blog.

Travel Noire Manifesto

Also, I’ve always wondered what it’d be like to travel to other cities as a black woman. I have friends and family of various ethnicities so when they give me their feedback, I appreciate it but wonder if my experience might be different as a woman of colour. Well Travel Noire provides ‘cultivated insights from a global community of black travellers.” Again, here was a space where I could connect with like minded folks who have been bitten by the travel bug like moi.

Not just a blog featuring posts on what best to see and experience in various cities, Travel Noire has a Manifesto with detailed tips on how to travel for less and how to be a savy traveller that does more than just take in the sights but truly breathes in the local culture.

Please take the time to check out this fascinating blog and their captivating Instagram page (@Travelnoire). Promise it’ll have you booking a flight somewhere very soon.

6 thoughts on “Travelling While Black

  1. Semhar

    Whoa! In all my travels I have never come across this website or thought to even see if one was out there. So cool! Definitely looking forward to reading up on their tips.

    1. Samantha

      Let me complete my damn sentence and make it coherent: “How very interesting….I never really think about how travel experiences can be shaped by your race/ethnicity/color”

  2. Samantha

    PS you should totally contribute something non? I think there might be a trip on the horizon next year that could be a perfect fit? 😉

    1. Real Delina Post author

      Agreed!! I have had some great trips to interesting places and one coming up that is going to be extra special 🙂


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