We Used To Be On TV

Growing up in the late ’80s and ’90s, there were a good number of Black sitcoms on television. Families and friends that came in various shades, sizes and make up.

From the wholesome families of The Cosby Show and The Fresh Prince, to the dorms of A Different World and the hallways of The Steve Harvey Show as a young person I could see images of myself as a kid, pre-teen and a teenager on each of these shows. That sense of validation is priceless.

we used to be on tv 2

Then as a young adult I had shows like Living Single and Martin, where friends who now lived on their own dealt with relationships, corporate jobs or the lack thereof and the ups and downs of forging your own path.

Seems like these images are hard to come by now. Are they replaced by catty reality stars? Or have we settled for the watered down Tyler Perry versions of Black sitcoms on Peachtree TV?

we used to be on tv 3

Everything is cyclical so maybe we’re just going through the quiet period before the resurgence happens.

Which ones were your favourite shows and why do you think we don’t see those images anymore?

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