Wedding Extravagence: Kimye

I’m a bit ashamed to admit this. As I saw the first revealed picture apear on my Twitter timeline, I got giddy and my guilt went into overload. I had Kimye fever.

When I saw the first picture of Kim’s gorgeous Givenchy couture wedding dress, I had to admit she looked stunning. The high neck, long sleeves and lace harked back to a classic era of wedding gowns. My mother’s dress in 1980 was just like that, and it has never gone out of style in terms of elegance and modesty.


Modesty, not a word I’d attach to Kim Kardashian but weddings are a time when a woman can live out her dream (no matter how many times she’s walked down the aisle). And with a wall of flowers as the backdrop, it gave the wedding an air of romance.


Another element that caught my eye was her veil. As expected, it was over the top but fitting for Kim. A much improved change from the headpiece she wore when she married Kris Humphries.

kim givenchy dress and veil

All in the name of entertainment, I am entertained. Do I stan over them or scour the tabloids for them? No. However, when I see style that I can enjoy I will pause. So kudos to Kim for coming with the glam on this one.

kimye 2


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