What’s On Your Lips?

Lately, there has been a resurrgence in makeup with women wearing lipstick during the day. Often reserved for a night out or special occasion, its become the norm now to see women wearing lipstick at any given time during the day.

My mother always pushed me to wear lipstick and would cringe when I’d opt for my lipgloss instead. Its been fun lately playing dress up and trying on various new lip shades. But I have to admit, it took a while to find the right shades that worked for me. When red lipstick became the rage, it wasn’t easy finding the right lipstick for my milk chocolate skin tone. Certain reds made my skin look ashy and some just had me feeling like a clown.

So I visited a few different makeup counters and asked around. Here is some advice I found when I was picking lipsticks for various occasions such as daytime, grabbing drinks with friends or a night out:

1. Minimize or maximize. Depending on the hue and colour, certain lipsticks can accentuate or minimize your lip shape. Darker lipsticks will make your lips look smaller while light hues will make them appear fuller.

2. The nudist. Finding a neutral shade for daytime/office wear is just as hard as finding a dramatic colour. Try to go a few shades darker than your natural lip colour. For me I found MAC’s ‘Touch” worked best, it’s only a shade darker than my natural lip but it is sublte enough for office wear.

3. Skin tones. Just like learning the primary colours in grade school, its imporant to know what are the basic skin tones and where does yours lie. The common two ranges are cool and warm, and within those two are the sub groups of red, orange and yellow. A common way to determine what your skin tone is by looking at the colour of the veins on your inner wrists. If they look bluish then you’re a cool skin tone and if they look green then you’re a warm tone. Cool skin tones lean to yellow and slightly orange under tones while warm are more red.

4. Colours for your skin tones. If you fall within the fairer skin category and cool toned, you should go for nude or a soft mocha color. If you’re warm toned, look for nude peach or pale pinks. Medium skin hues can try a wide range of colours. For medium skin with warm undertones, bronze colours look best and cool undertones should give pinks to cranberry colours a try. Lastly for darker skin with a cool undertones, ruby and wine-colored hues stand out while warmer toned ladies should opt for copper coloured lipsticks, avoiding orange lipsticks.

5. Practice makes perfect. Try, try and try again. Don’t be afraid to try as many colours as you want. There’s a lipstick for every occasion so have fun shopping around.

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