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I couldn’t bring myself to see the Aaliyah biopic that Lifetime aired a few weeks ago. I want babygirl to stay in my mind’s eye just how I left her. I had seen pics of the cast on Twitter when the biopic was getting filmed and I was already distrustful of it. None looked like the real life characters and the fact that they kept flip flopping on the actress to play Aaliyah, was all a foreshadowing on how much of a disaster it was going to be. Sure enough it was.

Lifetime is now coming out with another biopic on a deceased powerhouse singer, the great Whitney Houston. I cringed as soon as I heard this. Just like contestants on those singing shows, I just don’t like anyone thinking they can mess with anything remotely connected to Whitney. She was one of a kind. Her voice was unmatched and her death was a tragic loss. My fear is that the actress won’t match Whitney’s beauty and/or vocal range and the film will make a mockery of her life by either glamorizing her struggles with drugs or romanticize her tumultuous relationship with her ex-husband Bobby Brown.

Necole Bitchie.com posted pics from the yet to be released biopic Whitney. Playing the diva will be former Season 3 runner up winner from America’s Next Top Model Yaya DaCosta, whom I’ve seen in various movies and TV shows since ANTM. She was in The Butler last year. She’s gorgeous and based on the pics they’ve found a way to find a resemblance. Thankfully Canada’s own Deborah Cox will be on vocals. Deborah can sing, she’s not Whitney but no one will ever be. Mariah would have been a close second to me, but Mimi isn’t singing like how she used to anymore. Sadly.

Another aspect of the film that has me semi-reassured is that Angela Bassett is directing it. Angela, who has played Betty Shabazz, Tina Turner and Katherine Jackson, is a top-notch actress and has somehow found the fountain of youth. She’s 56 years old and is winning. Although she’ll be behind the camera, I wish Angela would be in the film even for a minor role.

The film is slatted to air on January 17th, 2015. Let me know your thoughts. Do you think you’ll tune in?



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